Erin Bode Is Our Musical Guest for Sunday, December 17, 2023

Erin Bode is just back from performing in Italy and the UK.  In the decade-plus since beginning her professional recording career, she has garnered much critical praise for her pure voice and impressive phrasing and style. It is this talent, coupled with her reluctance to accept classification as a purely jazz vocalist that has led to reviews hailing her as “someone you won’t forget” and comparing her sound to the likes of Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones.

Bode’s recorded works run the gamut between standard jazz and decidedly more pop-based pieces. 2008’s Little Garden and 2010’s Photograph feature all original material by Bode, and showcase her love of poetry with songs that are rich in harmonic and timbral texture.

Erin’s latest project, YourSong is a collaboration between her listeners and herself in which she curates personalized compositions for any occasion or inspiration.  These songs are given as gifts, kept as keepsakes and have become some of the most rewarding experiences of Erin’s life and career.  A collection of some of these first projects and the stories behind them can be heard on Erin’s new album, YourSong, Volume 1.


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