Our Board of Trustees

The First Unity Church of St. Louis Board of Trustees is united in its love of our spiritual home and the practices and principles of Unity. Its purpose is to establish policies that further the harmonious functioning of our church, oversee the financial assets, practices, and procedures of our organization, and endeavor to establish and expand a positive and loving faith-based center of consciousness for First Unity. As stated in the bylaws of First Unity, the first duty and responsibility of the First Unity Board of Trustees is to:

  • Uphold the spiritual purpose of the First Unity ministry.

Other duties and responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Uphold the highest best interests of the membership in conducting the business of this ministry;
  • Be conversant with the bylaws and establish policy for the operation of this ministry;
  • Be faithful in attendance at services as well as Board and membership meetings of this ministry;
  • Determine the business needs of this ministry and authorize payment of funds for those purposes;
  • Administer the real and personal property of this ministry;

The First Unity Board of Trustees is composed of the senior minister and six other trustees. Members of the Board of Trustees, effective June 25, 2021, are as follows:

John Young, President
Rick Emnett, Vice President
Hope Dodson, Treasurer
Patricia Riess, Secretary
Betty Jean Kofron, Trustee
Mary Tumminello, Trustee

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