First Unity Church Closed to In-Person Services and Returned to Recorded Services on November 22, 2020

Message About the Church Closure from Reverend Jan Mourning:

Hello, everyone. This is a message I was hoping not to have to send. After listening to the November 2020 St. Louis County Executive Health Orders, we have made the prayerful decision to return to recorded services only starting after this Sunday, beginning on November 22.

Covid-19 transmission is raging in St. Louis County and overwhelming our health system. Numbers are rising exponentially. There was an average of 600 new cases a day last week and over 900 new last Thursday. The positivity rate is 18%.

The new guidelines include a Safer at Home component mandating that people must stay at home unless it is necessary to leave. Technically, churches are under the “business” category, which say we can have 25% of our capacity. HOWEVER, I’m sure you will remember that when we reopened in June, we promised to watch the St. Louis County data and act accordingly to protect the health and safety of our entire spiritual community.

As you can see by the map, the Mehlville area is included in the regions most significantly affected. We will hold service tomorrow as usual, but if you are in any of the vulnerable groups, please make the decision about coming that is best for you. This includes Prayer Chaplains, Board Members, and Ushers.

The new Executive Order is in effect starting Tuesday for four weeks, meaning we will be closed from Nov. 22 through Dec. 13. I am grateful for Kathy Boyd and the videography team. We will work to pre-record the services while we are closed. I know that we are Divinely guided, and I pray that this Safe at Home plan will be effective in reducing the cases in our area. I ask for your continued support and prayers for our spiritual community and everyone affected by this pandemic. We will get through this and emerge stronger on the other side. Let’s visualize this together. Stay safe.

Love and prayers,

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