Legacy Giving

Our ministry has continued to thrive and provide spiritual support to the community since 1924. By including First Unity in your estate planning you can leave a lasting legacy ensuring that we may continue to offer extraordinary services for not just years, but generations to come.

Your gift may be designated to the general fund for areas of greatest need, or to a special area that speaks to your heart. Please speak with your estate planner or other professional about making a lasting contribution through one or more of the following vehicles:


Make a provision in your will of cash, securities, real estate, or other personal property to benefit our ministry.

IRA or Pension Plans

Consider giving ordinary income assets such as an IRA or pension plan to First Unity.

Life Insurance

It is a simple process to designate First Unity as a beneficiary on an existing or new life insurance policy.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Create a trust with assets managed by a trustee. You or other named income beneficiaries receive income from the trust until it is dissolved, with the remainder of the assets being distributed to First Unity.

Charitable Lead Trust

You create a trust in which income is generated to First Unity for your entire life or a set number of years. At the end of the term, the trust is distributed back to you or your heirs.

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