Message from Reverend Jan Mourning

Hello, everyone.  It’s a cold winter day, but may our hearts be uplifted by the sunshine — reminding us of the love and light we are.   I wish the content of this message were different.  We had hoped to reopen on Dec. 20 but with STL County Covid cases at an all-time high, we will need to stay closed until further notice.  During this time, we will continue to post services at 10:30 on Sunday mornings.  We will also continue to send CDs to those who are unable to access our services.

Upcoming Special Services:

December 20, 2020     12   Living Lights Candle Lighting Service.

12 Living Lights is a candle lighting ceremony created by Rev. Kelly Isola.  It is based on the beloved Christmas story and our 12 Powers.  You may wish to have a candle available for this service or you can use your power of imagination.

January 3, 2020            Burning Bowl Service

The new year is a perfect time to clear out those conditions, attitudes, or behaviors that are not contributing to our greater good.  The Burning Bowl is a sacred and  powerful way to release negativity from our lives and make way for new beginnings.  To participate in this from home, you may wish to have a lit candle, a small piece of paper, & a fire-resistant bowl or pot.

 January 10, 2021         White Stone Ceremony

The White Stone Ceremony prepares you to create the vision of what you are called to be in 2021.  Through meditation, you will listen to Spirit with and your new name will be revealed to you.  White stones from Jerusalem are on their way to us.  When they arrive, we will arrange a way for you to safely pick yours up if you wish.

Christmas can be a tender time for those who are feeling alone and separate.  However, we are never alone because God, Emmanuel, is with us and within us always.   Remembering this, we can turn away from anxiety, angst, and fear to the Truth that we are One in a Power & Presence greater than any outward challenge.  Wherever we are, we are standing on holy ground.

From Unity –

Give yourself the first gift: affirm that you are a divine and joyful celebration.

As we enter into the Christmas season, take this affirmation as an important gift:

Whether in the quiet of our own thoughts or surrounded by others, our energy flows into a creative collective. Each of us is a unique and beautiful reflection of the Divine.

As each faith tradition takes time to experience the light of this joyous season, not everyone will be feeling happy. Some of us may feel isolated or lonely.

This reminder is especially for you.

You are whole, no matter where you are on our journey. You may not feel like celebrating, and that’s okay, but you can remind yourself: I am joy.

Our lives are an expression of love and joy. This is an innate truth of our divine nature.

From the Daily Word, December 19, 2010


As Christmas day draws near, I may feel many emotions. Today, I choose to anchor myself in the steadfast presence of joy.

Christmas is a joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus. It also represents the birth of awareness of my Christ potential. When I reflect on divine love and how Jesus demonstrated this love, joy is my response. I choose joy by focusing on the Christ presence and the joy within me.

Joy is my natural state; it is my awareness of my own Christ nature guiding me to my highest good. I am open and receptive to joy, and I am reawakened to the living, loving Christ presence in me.

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people.”—Luke 2:10

Finally, your love offerings are especially appreciated at this time.  We are trying to maintain as much of our reserve as possible, and our expenses continue even though we are not open for services. You can contribute by mailing a check or donating through our website  Thanks in advance for your support.

Holding all in prayer.

Have a blessed Christmas.


Rev. Jan

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