Rev. Jan Mourning’s Mid-Week Message

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

This is a mid-week reminder that although we cannot always control what happens around us, we have control of our consciousness.  Let us all come together on this beautiful sunny day to visualize wholeness and peace for our community, our nation, and the world.  As we each do what we can to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, we do so knowing that there is a Presence and Power that surrounds us, enfolds us, and expresses as us  —a Power greater than any outward challenge on this relative plane.  The Prayer Chaplains, Anne, and I are holding each and every one of you in prayer during this time.  Even though we are separated in physicality, we are One — One with the Divine, One with each other, and One with all humankind. Our Co-Founder Charles Fillmore wrote, “You are here to be all that you can imagine God to be…”  This current COVID-19 challenge calls us all to ask, “What have I come here to be in this situation?”  Love?  Strength?  Faith?  Compassion?  Wisdom?
I want to thank Kathy Boyd, Dean Christopher, Anne Hartupee, and Rev. Le Remington for coming together to do an abbreviated service last week.  If you missed it, it is available here on  We will do another service to be posted Sunday, March 29 featuring Anne Hartupee as the speaker. FYI, I was scheduled to be at Unity Village this week for my final Intensive Week before ordination.  Although the on-site experience had to be canceled, we are still having the Intensive as an on-line experience.  I am blessed to be connecting with all my classmates this week and for all the spiritual inspiration.  I am grateful to Unity Worldwide Ministries for making this happen.
Thanks to those of you who are supporting us financially through this time via checks and Paypal.  On behalf of our Board Treasurer, Hope Dodson, and Office Manager, Sara DeWitt, I am pleased to announce that we now have a program in place for automatic withdrawals.  Many have asked about this possibility.  The link is:
You can designate one-time gifts or recurring donations.  If you need help with this, call Sara at 314-845-8540.
There is another way for you who are talented in sewing to serve.  I understand that area hospitals are in desperate need of masks.  Mary Ann Rogers has the pattern and could use some volunteers to help make the masks out of 100% cotton. In addition she could use a green cutting mat and a rotary cutter.   Email me if you are willing to help create the masks and/or loan or deliver some materials to Mary Ann.  i can send the pattern.
Just remember, you are NOT alone during this Safe-At-Home time.  We are connected through love, prayer, and consciousness.  It my prayer that one of the good things that comes from our current challenge is a deeper sense that we are all One.
Love & prayers,
Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them, humanity cannot survive.–Dalai Lama

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