Minister’s Corner: Letting Go

Rev. Jan Mourning

Rev. Jan Mourning

Fall is the season of dramatic changes — leaves creating a canvas of burnt red, fiery orange, and dazzling gold.  And as the radiant display of color nears an end, it seems that the trees willingly release their leaves to allow new ones to grow in the spring. The falling leaves can be a reminder to us that letting go is part of the cycle of life.

I remember when our youngest daughter was in high school, one night she asked me if she could wear one of my old long dresses hanging in the basement to school the next day for a theme day. A little bit later she came up all excited, “I’ve found the perfect one,” she said holding up a dress that had been one of my favorites.   “Oh, that will be beautiful on you. What is tomorrow – formal day? Vintage clothing day?”   “Oh, no,” she yelled back over her shoulder as she ran upstairs. “Tomorrow is actually NERD DAY.”

You know you’ve held on too long when your child uses a cherished piece your clothing as a nerd costume! And as hard as it might be to part with outdated and useless belongings, it can be much harder to release thoughts and attitudes that no longer serve us or perhaps never did. In the basement of our minds we store negative messages from our childhood, our parents, and society – messages that we are not worthy enough, not intelligent enough, not attractive enough, not good enough. It is time to let go of those old voices we’re allowing to live rent-free in our heads. They are error messages and never were the truth of our being. We need to let them go just as willingly as trees release their leaves in the fall.

Release is a spiritual practice – one of the twelve powers of the Christ. Sometimes called elimination, it is defined as the ability to release, remove, denounce, deny, let go. It is the ability to disempower beliefs that are not aligned with our spiritual nature. In other words, we must erase the false in order to embrace the True. The Truth is that we are each individualized expressions of God – endowed with all the powers of the Christ – including love, wisdom, strength, and life. If you are still carrying messages of “less than” or “not enough” around, KNOW they are not the Truth of you, and it’s time to take a “lie swatter” to them to purge them from your mind. May Rowland suggested the affirmation, “Through the Spirit of Truth within me I know, see, hear, and speak only Truth.”

Some have called Fall “the season of Wisdom”, perhaps because the Autumn equinox signals equal amounts of darkness and daylight, restoring the earth to a sense of balance after the long days of summer. So as we enjoy the fall crisp air and beautiful trees this autumn, let us make the falling leaves a reminder to release negative attitudes about ourselves in order to embrace the power and wisdom of our True Identity.

Happy Fall.

Rev. Jan

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