Minister’s Corner: After the Pandemic

Rev. Jan Mourning

Rev. Jan Mourning

In 2020, we at First Unity set the intention to sail the seven C’s together as a COMPASSIONATE,
COURAGEOUS, CONTEMPLATIVE, COLLABORATIVE, CONNECTED, CANDID COMMUNITY. Little did we imagine how choppy, unpredictable, and frightening the current seas would be! We have been adrift in uncharted waters – where none of us has sailed before. Forced to depart from the life we have known, we might feel unsure about our destination.

Yet, never has compassionate community been so important; never has living in spiritual principle been so essential. While no one welcomes a pandemic, this global challenge calls us to come together as a spiritual community in oneness of Spirit to support one another, pray for all humankind, and live the Truth we know.

In the midst of the pandemic, we can ask ourselves, “What will be the grace in moving forward?” What will life be like after the pandemic?” As American Buddhist monk Pema Chodron wrote,

“When things fall apart, we can use it as an opportunity to be open and inquisitive about what has just happened and what will happen next.”

Crisis often leads to positive change, and it is my prayer that we remember:

1. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. Realizing that people all over the globe are facing the same challenges and fears is a striking reminder of our Oneness. We have grieved together and we have joined together to celebrate victories along the way, discovering that there is more to unite than to divide us. As Jack Kornfield wrote, “The veils of separation are parting and the reality of interconnection is apparent to everyone on earth.”

2. ACTS OF GOODNESS, COURAGE AND COMPASSION MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Around the world, we’ve witnessed acts of heroism in health care workers and first responders putting their lives at risk to care for the sick, and we’ve seen others work tirelessly to feed us and to provide essential supplies and services. We’ve been entertained by quarantined people singing from their balconies, and our hearts have been touched by teddy bears displayed in windows. Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. But we can do small things with great love.”

3. WE ARE HERE TO BE ALL WE CAN IMAGINE GOD TO BE. This is the time to realize that the Power and Presence of God is greater than any worldly challenge. We are all individualized expressions of the same God, endowed with all the powers of the Christ including Love, Strength, Faith, and Wisdom. We set the intention to use our Christ powers for the good of all humankind. One loving thought, one affirmative prayer, one positive action at a time, we come together as a compassionate, courageous community to hold the highest possible consciousness as we set the intention to create a better world together.

Holding all in prayer.
Rev. Jan

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