Minister’s Corner: Compassionate, Courageous, Community

Rev. Jan Mourning

Rev. Jan Mourning

As we look to the dawning of a new decade, outer appearances in our country and in our world reveal fragmentation, discord, and divisiveness. This calls us to come together in spiritual community to remember our Divine Identity, model the principles we believe, and embrace the Truth that we are all spiritually connected.

So, join us in 2020 as we set sail to create the community we truly want and deserve. Together with 20/20 spiritual vision, we will navigate the “Seven C’s.” Along the way, we will develop spiritual tools to more fully recognize our own magnificence and the magnificence of others, to learn to listen and compassionately collaborate, and to agree and disagree in love. Our voyage begins with an exploration of happiness and personal mastery in a Sunday series based on the classic book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and the companion book The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose’ Ruiz. These books have changed the lives of millions of people around the world and help us to develop the courage to be who we really are.

As we navigate the Seven C’s together, look for surprises on our way including travel mementos, book studies, and a nationally-known presenter coming to First Unity in June. Being part of a compassionate, collaborative spiritual community gives all of us strength, purpose, and the understanding that we are one. We unite to understand, support, and minister to one another for the enrichment of our own lives and for all of humankind. In oneness of spirit, we envision a world awakened to infinite possibilities.

Pack your bags and prepare to set sail!

In oneness,
Rev. Jan

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