New Class on Sunday Mornings Discusses “Alternatives: New Approaches to Traditional Christian Beliefs”

Join us on Sunday mornings in the adult classroom from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. starting June 5, 2022, with Licensed Unity Teacher Candidate, Hope Dodson. The class will discuss the book Alternatives: New Approaches to Traditional Christian Beliefs by Rev. William Fischer.  (Alternatives is now available in the First Unity Bookstore.)

Many traditionally accepted Christian doctrines may or may not reflect the religion of Jesus.  Some reflect questionable economic, political, social and even superstitious influences.  Is it possible “We have become more concerned with the religion about Jesus Christ than with the religion of Jesus Christ?”

Alternatives examines the thinking behind traditional Christian beliefs, offers some nontraditional perspectives, and allows you to decide what is valid for yourself.  Teachings considered include:

God Satan prayer
Jesus Christ sin baptism
heaven worship life after death
hell communion

Let’s explore some Alternatives to these understandings and find answers to questions that have puzzled you for years.  We will discuss Unity’s perspective and interpretation of these concepts. It may strengthen some of your long-held beliefs and shed new light on others.  This class will surely expand your thinking and enhance your spiritual growth!

The class will last through August 28, 2022, with two weeks off during the middle. Offered on a Love Offering basis.

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