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Faye Schmelig

Faye Schmelig
Editor Emeritus, Wings Newsletter

The July / August  2019 Newsletter (pdf) is dedicated to Faye Schmelig for all her years of dedication and service to Unity Worldwide Ministry and First Unity Church of St. Louis. Faye, you will be dearly missed but the memory of you and all you have accomplished will live on.

Among the features in this edition of the newsletter are:  a message from Rev. Jan Mourning in the Minister’s Corner; a welcome to new Board of Trustees members; a focus on the Building & Facilities Ministry; how to benefit First Unity while dining out; announcements about the July 10 Dairy Queen Night, the July 11 Singles Group lunch at The Sisters Teahouse and the July 13 Lynn Mark Workshop; details on our exciting Monte Carlo Night; event calendars for July and August; and a collage of photos of First Unity events and activities.

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