Rev. Jan Mourning’s End-of-Week Message

Friday, May 8, 2020

Hello, everyone! I realize my “Mid-Week Message” is now an “End-of-Week Message. I was waiting to see what the specifics of the new St. Louis County Covid-19 order are. It just came out today, and I am plowing through it now.

I was at church yesterday and walked downstairs for something.  Turning on the lights, I had a moment when everything seemed surreal – the St. Patrick’s Day centerpieces on the tables, the March bulletin board, and the empty room.  Where did April go?  I know at this point many of us are weary of COVID-19, forced isolation, and social distancing.   We look forward to a time when we can once again safely gather together.  I will be working with the Board of Trustees to figure out exactly when that will be and what it will look like!   There is one thing I know, and that is our vibrant spiritual community is still very much alive and well.  So many of you have shown your support in the past few weeks.  We appreciate your financial support in the form of checks mailed to church, automatic withdrawals, and PayPal donations.  Another way you can support us if you have not already done so, is to Like/Follow our Facebook Page, comment, and share.

Also, appreciation goes to:

  • Kathy Boyd for being such an amazing Facebook Administrator.
  • Patricia Riess for getting a newsletter out in the middle of a pandemic.
  • Lisa Armbruster for keeping our plants alive and beautiful.
  • The following people who are making our abbreviated Sunday services possible:

~Kathy Boyd, Videographer

~Hope Dodson, Prayer Chaplain reading The Daily Word

~Carol Ellerman, Webmaster

  ~Linda Harr, Prayer Chaplain reading The Daily Word

~Anne Hartupee, LUT & Music Director

~Dean Wiegert, Soloist with Victoria Wiegert, videographer

~Gladys Young, Prayer Chaplain reading The Daily Word

Book Study:  Rev. Sharon Allmond will be facilitating a seven-week Zoom Book Study on Brene Brown’s popular book, Daring Greatly, beginning May 13, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.  If you are interested in taking part, contact Rev. Sharon ASAP at [email protected].

Class:  Rev. Sharon Allmond will be teaching a Zoom class, Prosperity, on Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – noon starting May 16 and ending June 13.    This class is available for credit.  Contact Rev. Sharon ASAP at [email protected].

Blessings: I communicated with Rev. Dr. Martha Creek this week.  She is going to make every effort to reschedule with us when it safe to do so.  She was impressed with the work of the Promotions Ministry, the flyers, and postcards we had ready to advertise our weekend in June,  Below is a link from Martha on Questions – very timely now:

Join us Sunday at 10:30 for our abbreviated service; the message is “Mothers of Unity,” As part of this service, we have a special surprise guest speaker!  Join us —, First Unity of St. Louis YouTube, or First Unity of St. Louis Facebook Page.

Stay tuned for updates and stay safe.

Love & prayers,


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