Minister’s Corner: Spring Forth!

Rev. Jan Mourning

Rev. Jan Mourning

O.k., I admit it! As much as I try to remain positive, I am not a winter person! I am just not a fan of the cold and darkness. This year a good friend and I set the intention to shift our consciousness about winter. We began by generating a list of the good we could find in the season. We came up with: 1. Hot soup 2. A blazing fire 3. Soft, warm, sweaters — and that was it!

Throughout this winter season I have tried to embrace the season, visualizing that beneath the frozen ground, seeds are quietly waiting to burst into new life with the spring sun. Soon, all around us we will see nature’s awakening. Spring is season for renewal, new growth, new beginnings. Appropriately, this is the time when Christians throughout the world celebrate the season of Lent. The word “Lent” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for spring — “lecten” meaning “to lengthen” — highlighting longer days of sunlight. Traditionally, the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter a is time of fasting and abstinence. In Unity, we consider the days before Easter to be a season of spiritual preparation and awakening. Instead of giving up chocolate or other life pleasures, we give up negative thinking and judgments that create a sense of separation from God and envelop us in the darkness of misunderstanding about our true essence.

As we weed our gardens, plant seeds in the earth, and wait for them to spring forth, we are reminded that the most important weeding and seeding is in our own consciousness. Before we plant seeds for spiritual growth, we must pull the weeds of negative judgments about ourselves and others. In the words of Mark Nepo, “If you are caring for a potted plant, you eventually have to repot it or the roots get bound and it dies. Each self, within a lifetime, needs to be repotted if we are to grow and serve our purpose.”

So, as we prepare for the Easter reawakening of Christ consciousness, may we all ask, “What weeding, seeding, and repotting do we need to do in our own minds?” If we are holding fear-based beliefs, resentments, or thoughts and agreements about being less than, unworthy, or unable; we can use our power of renunciation to say “no” and let go of these false ideas. The old dirt must be thrown out; the weeds of error must be pulled. They are not the Truth of our being. We are all individualized expressions of the Divine, and we can release what needs to be released in order to claim and live from our True Christ Identity.

As we emerge from the darkness of winter, let us turn from the darkness of old, limiting beliefs to the understanding that the light within us can never be dimmed – except in our own consciousness. In this blessed Spring season, we come together in compassionate, courageous community to lovingly support and behold the Christ in ourselves and one another. As we plant seeds of love and compassion for all humankind, they will spring forth to enrich our lives, our spiritual community, and the world.

Happy Winter’s End ~~ Happy Spring ~~ Happy Easter
Rev. Jan

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