Thursday Thoughts from Rev. Jan Mourning

Dear Friend,

Let’s take a moment together for quiet reflection.

I quiet my mind and place my attention on the rhythm of my heartbeat.

I feel love grow and bloom like a budding flower reaching toward the sun.

The love within me soothes my soul and fills my mind, crowding out thoughts
of fear and loneliness. It transforms them into blessings of healing and harmony
for myself and all people.

I relax and come home to the love that is mine — to the love that I am.

This remembrance fills my empty spaces and refreshes my parched places. As I shimmer
and glow with the love I feel, I have even more love to share.

For this love and in all things, I am grateful. Amen.

Hello, everyone.  The above prayer is from Rev. Teresa Burton, Unity Daily Word Editor.  During this beautiful spring season of new growth and renewed life, I thought it was perfect!  I pray that everyone is well and surviving “isolation fatigue.”  I affirm that our connection is greater than physicality and that we are feeling our oneness at this time and always.

GRATITUDE:  Thanks to Kathy Boyd, Carol Ellerman, Linda Harr, Anne Hartupee, and Dean and Vicki Wiegert for making our abbreviated Sunday messages possible.  Thanks also for everyone watching and sharing these services.  The message for May 3 is “A Time to Choose.”

My sincere gratitude also goes to all those who have sent checks, tithes, and love offerings.  As I’ve mentioned before, most of our expenses are ongoing whether we are having services or not.  It is the goal of the Board to dip into our reserves as little as possible during this time, so every donation helps.  We also appreciate your ongoing prayers for our spiritual community.

ORDINATION CELEBRATION:  We have had several questions about the activities scheduled for May 16-17.  At the moment, they have all been postponed to July 25-26 at the same times.  Soon we will be requesting new RSVPs.

BIRTHDAY:  One of our dear community members, Martin Maier, will turn 94 on May 14.  Martin has not been able to attend services for several months because of health challenges.  He was recently in the hospital but is now home.  I visited him this week, and he expressed how much he misses coming to First Unity.  I know he would appreciate cards for his birthday or just to let him know he is not forgotten.

His address is:

2644 Cathedral Drive
St. Louis, MO 63129

We will be watching St. Louis County guidelines and praying for guidance as we make the decision about when we can safely once again hold regular Sunday services.  Visualizing the joy of that reunion!  Stay safe and strong.

Love and prayers,


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